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1. About Lighthouse Advisors

Lighthouse Advisors is a registered fund manager based in Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It invests in publicly traded securities in Asia. The investment philosophy is bottom-up and value-driven. The team currently consists of Benjamin KOH and OH Chiah Ching.

Benjamin Koh has been investing in the stock markets since 2002. During 2005-2007 he also helped to manage a venture capital fund. Prior to setting up Lighthouse Advisors in 2008, Benjamin worked at APS Asset Management Pte Ltd, and before that the Economic Development Board of Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies. Both degrees were awarded in 2002 at Stanford University, California, USA.

Oh Chiah Ching has been investing in the stock markets since 2005. Prior to joining Lighthouse Advisors in 2011, she worked at First State Investments, and before that Danone Asia and the Economic Development Board of Singapore. She was awarded a Bachelor of Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2000.

2. News

Benjamin Koh will be giving a talk at the upcoming gathering of the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts on 29 Sep 2016. If you are free on that day, do drop by and say hello!

Old news can be found in the Archive.

3. For Prospective Clients


4. Newsletters

Client Newsletters are embargoed for one year.

  Client Letter 4Q 2008
  Client Letter 1Q 2009	Client Letter 2Q 2009	Client Letter 3Q 2009	Client Letter 4Q 2009
  Client Letter 1Q 2010	Client Letter 2Q 2010	Client Letter 3Q 2010	Client Letter 4Q 2010
  Client Letter 1Q 2011	Client Letter 2Q 2011	Client Letter 3Q 2011	Client Letter 4Q 2011
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  Client Letter 1Q 2014	Client Letter 2Q 2014	Client Letter 3Q 2014	Client Letter 4Q 2014
  Client Letter 1Q 2015	Client Letter 2Q 2015

Portfolio information is not disclosed in the public newsletters. They are otherwise identical to the client newsletters.

  Public Letter 3Q 2015
  Public Letter 4Q 2015
  Public Letter 1Q 2016
  Public Letter 2Q 2016

5. Results

Note: The Net Asset Value of the Fund has been linked to the rebased NAV of the Reference Account, which had the same investment style. Until the launch of the Fund, the Reference Account served as the model portfolio for all the separately-managed client accounts. Its trading records were distributed to clients as proof that the Managerís interests were fully aligned with those of the clients. The Reference Account was started at the end of 2008 and became inactive following the launch of the Fund on 1 September 2013.

Historical Returns 2008 (3 mths): +4.3% 2009: +68.3% 2010: +50.6% 2011: -19.3% 2012: +16.5% 2013: +21.2% 2014: -2.9% 2015: -13.6% 2016 YTD 30 Jun: +6.0% Last 1 Year: -9.4% Last 3 Years: -1.3% p.a. Since Inception: +13.7% p.a.
Fund chart

6. Frequently Asked Questions

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7. Contact Information

  Benjamin Koh
  Chief Investment Officer
  Lighthouse Advisors Private Limited
  Suite 1103
  105 Cecil Street #11-00
  The Octagon
  Singapore 069534
  Tel: +65 9040 9813
Last Update: 29 Jul 2016