Keeping Your Capital Safe



1. Old News

In Sep 2017 Benjamin gave a presentation to the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts. The slides are available here.

On 29 Sep 2016, Benjamin Koh recently spoke at a gathering of the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts on the topic of fraud detection. The slides are below for those who are interested.

  Presentation to HKSFA

In 2013, Oliver Mihaljevic of The Manual of Ideas interviewed Benjamin Koh:

  Interview with Manual of Ideas

One holding, k1 Ventures, was the subject of a privatization offer, which did not succeed. For historical interest, below are the slides compiled by Lighthouse Advisors advocating that shareholders REJECT the offer.

  REJECT the k1 Offer

Lighthouse Advisors also presented k1 Ventures on 10 Apr 2013 at the Emerging Value Summit 2013. The following are the slides that were used.

  k1 Ventures: A Special Situation Investment

Some time ago an educational series was conducted to help people understand financial statements. The slides are below for anyone who is interested.

  Session 1 (The Income Statement)
  Session 2 (The Balance Sheet)
  Session 3 (The Cash Flow Statement)
Last Update: 28 Aug 2020